Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Website and Facebook

I've been building websites, updating profiles, trouble-shooting issues with domain conflicts and making improvements to some of the sites that have been entrusted to me. Facebook seems to be building to a crescendo but I'm not sure where its all leading. It does seem to be a good way to get the people who might be interested in certain sites and causes together though. I've been adding about 100 friends a day to our congregational site and am trying to do the same for listening journal, substantially catholic and the mariological society. Managing several Catholic and Christian blogs, twitter, facebook pages and websites is just a part-time work for me and most gratis. Every now and then I just take a day to update everything. Today was the day for that. Has anyone else noticed that there is a lot of cyber junk out there. One day we will have to have a whole new field of cyber sanitizers to go out and retrieve all the junk in cyberspace and clear the way. Whenever you Google something you run into old sites that are no longer maintained or bogus sites that look something like the one you really want. Some of our sites have look alikes that are not at all the right site to go to. I wonder what can be done about that!