Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fourth Candle

Yesterday in Stratford upon Avon we stayed in a hotel built in the 16th century and visited Shakespeare's birthplace, his daughter Susanna's home and the home he lived in after he was married. Today we visited Anne Hathaway's cottage and the farm where his mother's family lived.  Here we get a real sense of Shakespeare as a family man despite his being, as the locals say with a twinkle, "rather naughty.".

We had afternoon tea with delicious salmon and cucumber sandwiches, profiteroles and frangipane.  These scones (see attached) will have to suffice as our
fourth candle as no Blessed Mother shrines were to be found.

We saw the play "Written on the Heart" about the translation of the Holy Bible into English and the controversies that raised. It reminded us of the challenges we have with the new Roman Missal.

Peace to you and all your families this fine Sunday afternoon.