Saturday, February 25, 2012

Courageous Return

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Catholics in England had long since given up public displays of devotion and Margaret prayed for their courageous return to public worship.  While the Bishop longed for the return of a public faith, he hoped for a peaceful reintroduction and this sometimes placed him at odds with Sister Margaret.   He confided in friends that he didn’t know what to do about her at times and yet he admired the strength of her resolve.  Margaret exclaimed, “How many passions I have been in about the Blessed Virgin! I hope she will rub them all off!”   When Margaret asked him for permission to distribute miraculous medals, Bishop Ullathorne was so moved by the childlike sincerity of her faith that he gave in despite his concerns about how what prejudices that would invite in Coventry.  Sister Margaret claimed that every person who received one of those medals was afterwards converted.

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