Monday, January 23, 2012

Fifteenth Candle

White Chocolate Madonna at the Chocolate Museum, Bruges
We visited many museums in Bruges yesterday and today. I have gathered all the material needed for my presentation and now we are wrapping up our trip. We visited the Chocolate museum where the history of chocolate is told in images and samples.

We visited a lamp museum where the whole history of light was told. So many candle opportunities I was just beside myself trying to photgraph them. And today at the Diamond museum more light and brilliance! Now we hear that the Northern Lights will be visible tonight and for the rest of the week! We are just finding light everywhere!

We also toured the Hospital museum and tomorrow we'll visit the sound museum and the Beguinage. So many wonders! This is the last of your candles. Sent with prayers for good humor and good cheer for all of you.