Saturday, March 3, 2012

Madonna and Child

Deger's Madonna and Child
The propagation of the Rosary was, of course, the chief instrument used to increase among the people a solid devotion to Our Blessed Lady, but it was not the only means by which Mother Margaret manifested her zeal on this point.  The use of images had been restored in Ireland and the May processions were performed in Waterford.  When she went to Bristol in 1947, Margaret convinced the Rev. P.O. Farrell, OSF to reintroduce the May procession at the Church of Saint Mary’s on the Quay.  She lent him the French “Mois de Marie” from which the meditations were taken, and sent over to Ireland l for an image of Our Lady to be publicly exposed during the month.  She commissioned an artist in Bristol to make a mold from Ernst Deger’s image of the Madonna and Child. From this mold a vast number of small statues were cast until they became very common throughout the area. 

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