Friday, March 9, 2012

Plasmic Cloud

This week the earth was blanketed by a giant plasmic cloud.  How cool is that?!  At Mission San Jose this weekend we have our area assembly, so I won't be adding any new material to my blog.  
I hope to resume that next weekend.  Thanks for staying tuned!

The posts that follow are not in chronological order.  Instead I am grouping them according to the resource.  Think of them as note cards that will later be rearranged once I have them all uploaded.  I try to post several every Saturday.   

Below you will find material from the Life of Margaret Mary Hallahan and the Life of Saint Dominic and Sketch of the Order by Mother Francis Raphael Drane and Dominicans at Home in a Young Nation by the Sister Mary Nona McGreal. Next week I will add material from A Peculiar Kind of Mission, Her Days Unfolded, Our Constitutions and comments from the Dominican Archivists.