Thursday, April 12, 2012

Care of Creation 4 - Humility, Love and Courage

“Resurrection happens NOW or it does not happen at all.  It happens in us and around us, in soul and history, in nature and universe.  Every act of death and resurrection is an act of new creation, an evolution toward greater unity.  The whole evolutionary universe is birthing of Christ through the power of the Spirit, who is the power of wholeness for the whole cosmos.  Since we are the continuation of Christ in evolution, the positive direction of evolution depends on our choices and actions.  In Christ, biological evolution is fulfilled in its potential for God.  We give ourselves to Christ and to his cause and values, which means not losing the world but finding the world in its truest reality and in its deepest relation to God.”      -- Ilia Delio, The Emergent Christ p 96

I feel my choices and actions are an act of new creation when I am conscious of giving life to another through my presence, thoughts words or actions.  This can take surprising forms but it is more easy for me to assess in how another receives what I am giving.  That is why communication is so crucially important.  Creation is not for its own sake alone, it is all for love and about love which is the medium through which God brings about redemption.  But love is a kinetic energy radiating outwardly and inwardly, upwardly and downwardly all at once.  Those of us who are in care giving ministries know that what is given is not always received as it was intended...and what is given unintentionally is sometimes just the thing that is needed.  There is great humility in this.  We improve our participation in the redemption by growing in conscious awareness of how our attempts are received and what affects they bring about.  I have always found that I get better results when I act with humility, love and courage.  Jesus makes up the difference.  Thank God for that!