Friday, June 29, 2012

Care of Creation 13: Energy Field Dissipation

  “Matter, considered as structured fields of activity, and spirit as energy, help us make sense of death.  Energy comprises fields.  Once energy dissipates or ceases, the field dissipates or dies—but it does not disappear altogether, that is, it is not annihilated.  Rather what was 'matter' (the information pattern or field) is converted through death to energy and enters the universe as 'information' or patterns of information.  This information translates into memory in the universe.  Memory in the universe then becomes a source of new life and can help generate greater wholeness of life.  Since this renewal of life is taking place within the divine matrix (God), the new field formation is always lured into greater wholeness and unity.  The death of Jesus forms a new matrix of divine-created life within the cosmos.  Resurrection into this next form of existence and activity is a new incorporation into the ongoing divine field of Trinitarian life which is a dynamic life of ever newness in love.”  -- Ilia Delio, The Emergent Christ pp 84-85

At my death, I want to be remembered as a person who made life's struggles easier to bear by helping to dissipate negative energy and create a positive field of influence for the good.  I believe in the communion of saints, with a small s...ordinary people who do ordinary things with great love.  I believe that the good things we do live on after us and that if we contribute to the good, we will be able to remain somehow connected with the creative life of the planet even after death.  I look forward to learning what the communion of saints means in the reality of space and time in the hereafter...even if my intuitive sense is of that turns out to be wrong.  I think a new way of understanding the whole divine mystery will be revealed and that it will be far more beautiful and perfectly logical than we ever imagined it could be.  I would want to still interact with the living in some benign way for the good of life on earth.  I hope to be a blessing even after death.