Wednesday, January 23, 2013

O Clarissima Mater

I am taking an extended period of silent contemplation within each month's activity in pastoral care.  The theme of this day is "through the ear to the heart."  Together with a dozen or so men and women gathered at Santa Sabina in San Rafael, I am being directed by Devi Mathieu in using the music Hildegard de Bingen to open my heart to the Holy Spirit.  Yesterday we learned "O Clarissima Mater, Sancte Medicine

This sacred music is nesting in my heart today.  I pray it for those who are struggling with traumatic injuries and difficult diagnoses.  I pray it for those who are facing physical loss and limitations and those who are striving to make meaning at the end of life.  I pray it for doctors, nurses and caregivers, for my fellow chaplains and ordained men and women who offer special rites and sacred rituals.  I pray it for those who are engaged in medical research and students of holistic healing.  May the Spirit of Wisdom inspire and sustain you and bless your acts of mercy and compassion.