Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Spirit of the Order

Dominican Sisters of the present era read Sacred Scripture, Catholic Teachings, Dominican History, and the writings of Catholic theologians.  In addition to religious studies, they have advanced education in history, science, math, languages, literature, music, fine arts, philosophy, education, medicine and psychology.  Shared study of current events, social justice and contemplative dialogue are hallmarks of contemporary Dominican religious formation.  Devotion to Mary continues to inform us as preachers and bearers of the Word.  There are approximately 24,600 Dominican Sisters in the world at the present time, 151 congregations in 110 countries. The Spirit of the Order: prayer, study, community and preaching are the four pillars that guide the spirit of Dominican women throughout the world.  There are presently 6 Congregations in Africa, 23 in Asia Pacific, 81 in Europe, 19 in Latin America and Caribbean and 22 in North America.