Sunday, November 24, 2013

Destruction and Wickedness

The city of Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake on June 7, 1692.  “At about 20 minutes to 12, on the forenoon of June, the 7th, the inhabitants of the town were startled by a noise like thunder, which seemed to come from the north. Immediately the earth began to shake, and then the walls of the houses fell on every side. There were three shocks. The first was not very severe; the last was the worst. A considerable portion of the city sank beneath the sea. The sea receded then rushed back with terrible force, sweeping over the land and drowning hundreds of persons. Thousands perished. Minor shocks occurred all that day and for several days afterwards. The earthquake was felt all over the island; great landslides occurred and some springs disappeared. The dead bodies of the people floated in the harbor and rotted on the land. Port Royal was almost completely ruined.” Pirates and buccaneers swooped in, took their treasure and lived a wild, reckless life.  Soon Port Royal was world renowned as one of the wickedest places on earth.