Tuesday, November 26, 2013

English Capture Jamaica

In 1655 the Cromwell’s forces landed in Kingston Harbor and marched towards Spanish Town. The original plan had been to capture the island of Hispaniola, but they failed to take the city of Santo Domingo and sailed on to Jamaica instead.  On May 11, the Spaniards surrendered. They were allowed a few days to leave the island. Some of them went to Cuba, but others secretly went to the northern side of Jamaica. 

The English General Sedgwicke arrived a few months later and took charge of the colony. General Sedgwicke died shortly after his arrival of a fever and General Brayne was sent out to take his place.  Within a year of capturing the island many of the English occupiers died of fever and disease.  General Brayne died in 1656 and Thomas Gage died that same year, probably of dysentery.