Friday, November 22, 2013

Jamaican Dominicans Merge

In 1939 there were seventeen Dominican Sisters serving in Jamaica including: Sr. Margaret Finan, Sr. Agatha, Sr. Thecla Mawn, Sr. Timothy Cunningham, Sr. Roseann Flynn, Sr. Gilmary Walsh, Sr. Irene Mary, Sr. Gerry Gannon, Sr. Terry Maillet, Sr. de Porres, Sr. Margaret Flood, Sr. Mary Elisha Byles, Sr. Catherine Deevy, Sr. Malachy, Sr. Theresa Deevy, Theresa and Sr. Vincent Mary.  

“The work was very demanding, and the congregation was small. They petitioned to merge with the Blauvelt congregation. There were hopes and fears on each side of the water, but on December 29, 1942, the Dominican Sisters in Jamaica and the Dominican Sisters in Blauvelt became one.”