Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dominican Missions in the Caribbean

A grant from the Mariological Society of America supports my study of Mary and Evangelization in the Foreign Missions of U.S. Dominican Women.  I conducted the initial research at the McGreal Center for Dominican Historical Studies in River Forest, IL and grouped the missions to be studied into five regions: the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Africa. This year I focused the on five missions to the Caribbean: Cuba (1901), Puerto Rico (1910), Jamaica (1911), the Dominican Republic (1945) and Haiti (2010).  I will report my findings at the annual meeting of the Mariological Society in LaCrosse, Wisconsin this May.  In the coming weeks I will post the fruit of my study, a work in progress, here on this blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it and I welcome your comments.  My policy is not to post my readers' comments.  However, I do read them, and treasure your thoughtful responses.